Broken Circles 33x28cms hxw

Odyssey 40.5x43cms hxw SOLD

Illyad 35.5x45.7cms SOLD

Motionless movement 35.5x30.5cms hxw SOLD

Movement from within 68.5x28cms hxw SOLD

The Shrine 66x61cms hxw

Perfect Harmony 16.5x17cms hxw

Reflections 15x23cms hxw SOLD

Reflections on a square 33x35,5cms hxw

Round Reflections28x22.5cms hxw

Round Square 35.5x33cms hxw SOLD

Square Circle 43.3x53.5cms hxw SOLD

Still Motion 50.8x40.5cms hxw SOLD

Theme on a circle 52x52x12.7cms hxwxd

Theme on a square 35.5x30.5cms hxw

Canopus 56x53cms hxw

Argos II 56x53cms hxw
Three circles of life 48.5x40.5cms hxw